Remote Property Management


A remote property manager is an idividual that can complete the "Boots on the Ground" aspects of property management.  They must work well as a team, but be independent and self motivated.  Successful remote managers make the company meaningful and successful.

A remote manager usually starts out in a part time or auxilary capacity.  Their job is to doing showings, perform standard maintenance, clean out apartments, move tenants in and out, etc.  There may also be some advertising and presentation responsibilities in new or emerging markets.  Our Owner, Tenant and Maintenance Managers will provide direction and guidance on what and how to do required management tasks.

A remote manager has the benefit of a large team behind them even if they only work part time or if they work alone in a given area.  There are always other remote, tenant, owner and maintenance managers to talk with.  Remote managers will work through an initial training plan to get started, and will work through a long term plan to grow their service area in the future.

As a remote manager learns the business, they will be able to take on more responsibilities and enable the company to grow and expand in that area.  Growth and expansion will enable a remotely managed area to become a management center.  Management centers are locations with a focus on growth that have enough full time work for one or more managers and may include the need for multiple owner, tenant and maintenance managers.  

The financial benefits grow as the company grows.  Initial Remote Managers usually start on a hourly pay basis.  Basic benefits include Vacation, Health, and Retirement depending on each individual's desire.  Future possibilities include monthly commissions, semi-annual bonuses, company vehicles, real estate investment options, and more!