Property Managers.

Investment in rental properties can be exciting! We know. Many of our employees own rental properties themselves. At ABC Rental Management, we believe our management services are the best in the area. We give property owners access to this top notch service with options and flexibility that can make any property profitable.

We are so confident in this that we offer an industry exclusive:

FREE Management Guarantee. Give us 6 months and if you are not making more money than before we started managing your property, we will refund ALL our fees.  Sign up today and ask how to qualify!

Are you looking to Buy?

Our team consists of real estate professionals who are ready and willing to help you find a new home, duplex or large complex. Deals come across our door all the time and we are happy to pass them on to you. Get on our Investor Mailing List. We will send you properties that come our way as well as give you an idea of how profitable these properties could be. If you want to buy any of these properties, go for it! If you need help we will connect you with a real estate professional that can help you through the process.

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Why should we manage your properties?


Time Savings. We have the processes and people in place to manage your properties better than anyone around. However, the biggest thing we have to offer is time savings to you as a property owner. We make it possible for your rental property to be a truly passive investment earning you residual income for as long as you want.

No Long Term Commitment.  Cancel Anytime.

You Set the Budgets.  We will make sure everything is done the way you desire and done within your budget needs.

Quality.  We have found that a well maintained property is more profitable now and will stay profitable in the future. We also find that people are happy to pay more in rent to receive a higher quality service.

Flexibility.  We want to make you successful. We have a solid plan and a strong team, but understand you may want things done a certain way.  We will make sure your properties are managed just the way you want.

Experience.  We have worked with all types of properties, and dealt with most every situation that can come up in the rental business. We have developed effective procedures to avoid most issues before they happen and mitigate unavoidable risks.

Certification.  We are certified to perform or have certified contractors for all the types of maintenance, repairs & management your properties require.  Our certifications include a real estate brokerage, lead paint abatement, building contractors, electrical contractors, plumbing contractors, HVAC and more.

Technology.  Our systems eliminate repetitive work and maximize our managers capacity to get things done.  We are available anytime via phone, email & internet.  We provide our tenants with online applications, statements, work requests and more.  We provide property owners secure online reports, tax prep and more so you know exactly where you stand.


We are here to Help.

We also know many property owners enjoy managing their own properties. There is nothing we do that you cannot do yourself. We enjoy helping other property managers, property owners or people interested in getting into owning rental properties. We are always willing and ready to give you the “Secrets” of the trade. Just ask. Seriously! This is FREE. You want to do it yourself? Cool! We just want to help. Call/Text/Email us anytime.

In addition to our FREE services, we have some paid services that will give you access to all we have to offer. Each of these services have different payment structures and options to choose from. Let us know what you would like help with and we will tailor make a solution that is right for you.

Tenant Management


With this service we will take care of your residental and commercial tenants. Everything from filling vacancies to evictions to collecting rent and managing complaints. We will take care of ALL your tenants needs and proactively prepare for things in the future.

Our management rates are based on rent collected. If we don’t collect the rent, we don’t get paid. No finders fees, leasing fee or anything else. We are structured to only make money when you are.

Our tenant management rates are 9.99% . Do you have multiple properties? We may be able to get you an even better rate!

Maintenance Management

With this pay as you go service, We will keep your properties maintained the way you want them and provide you with plans and ideas to improve them over time.

Our teams are efficeint. You will find savings across the board with our in house maintenance staff and community of contractors. Maintenance rates start at $40/hr ($60/hr off hours). You never pay markups on materials or contractors.

Accounting & Bookkeeping

Included in all our tenant management services is a base level of accounting. We will record everything you need for the year and provide you monthly and year end reports.

In addition to this, we offer optional accounting services at a base fee of $40/hr. Basically we can handle every aspect and pay all your bills including insurance, taxes, utilties, etc.

Storage Unit Management


We are excited to announce that we are now managing Storage Sites! With this service, you will get access to an efficient, high tech management system that will enable your storage sites to stay full throughout the year. We will find tenants, collect rent, auction units off, clean and maintain your storage sites.

Rates on Storage management start at 5% of rent collected. We can even use your current management software if you would like. We are flexible to make whatever you need happen!