We make Maximum Results affordable for all types of Property Owners.  

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Why should we manage your properties?

We have been Managing rental properties of all types for 10+ years.  We manage everything from commercial and residential, low end efficiency units to high end executive suites, single families to multi unit complexes.  We are staffed and ready to help you be successful.  

There are many things that set us apart from the competition.  Read below to learn what those are and how you can take advantage of these services!

No, this is not some cheap service.  We are good at what we do.  So good that we Guarantee you WILL make more money with us managing your properties.  Give us 3 months and if you are not making more money than you were before we started, we will refund you our full management fees for those first 3 months.  

To qualify for this guarantee a detailed financial analysis will be performed on your properties before management starts and again at 3 months.  If the Income - Expenses before are larger than the Income - Expenses (including our management fees) after, your first 3 months are free!  (We don't anticipate this happening though :) )


No Hassel Contracts

No Long Term Commitment
(Cancel Anytime)

8.99% Tenant Management Fee
(No Finder Fees or Contractor Markups)

You Set the Budget
(We work with you to ensure everything is covered)



We maintain our properties so that we would be happy living there.  Some may think this means it will cost more for us to maintain the properties.  We have found that a well maintained property is more profitable now and will stay profitable in the future.

We also find that many people are happy to pay more in rent to receive a higher quality service.  Weather its low end or high end, we work hard to give our tenants and owners a high quality services every day!



We want to make you successful. We have a solid plan and a strong team, but understand you may want things done a certain way. 

We can work with you to make sure your properties are managed just the way you want.



We have worked with all types of properties, and dealt with most every situation that can come up in the rental business. 

We have developed effective procedures to avoid most issues before they happen and mitigate unavoidable risks.



You can rest assured that we are certified to perform all the types of maintenance, repairs & management your properties require.

Our certifications include a real estate brokerage, lead paint abatement, building contractors, electrical contractors, plumbing contractors, HVAC and more.

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Our systems eliminate repetitive work and maximize our managers capacity to get things done.

We are available anytime via phone, email & internet. 

We provide our tenants with online applications, statements, work requests and more. 

We provide property owners secure online reports, tax prep and more so you know exactly where you stand.